Second Announcement

Second Announcement
2005 International Conference
Scientific Computation and Differential Equations
(SciCADE 2005)

Nagoya Conference Center (NCC), Nagoya, Japan
May 23 - 27, 2005

We are happy to announce the conference, whose First Announcement was issued in July last year, is now getting to be ready. Please visit to our Web page
for the updated information. The followings must be of interest for the people who are intending to participate.

*Program release

Ten plenary talks, 28 minisymposium sessions and 17 contributed talk sessions are arranged in the conference program table. Its pdf file can be downloaded at the item "Conference Program" of the Web page. Abstract of all the talks can be seen by tracking from the Web page.

*Visa matter

Those who need a visa into Japan for the conference are kindly urged to contact Tom Mitsui, the conference chair, for necessary documents, if not yet contacted.
Please note that the first week of May has consecutive holidays of Japan. This means an inquiry in the week might be responded slowly.

*Registration to the conference

Although the deadline of registration, April 20, has passed, a few additional registrations might be acceptable. Those who have not yet carried out the process and are wishing to register are urged to take the steps described on the Web page.

*Conference venue

As announced previously, the venue of SciCADE05 is Nagoya Congress Center (NCC), Nagoya City. More precisely the conference will be held on the 2nd floor (and a part of the 1st floor) of Building 2 of NCC. The location of NCC can be viewed at "Location" of the Web page.

*Equipments for presentation

LOC of the conference will prepare the following equipments for presentation at each conference room. A speaker who wishes to present his/her talk via a PC is recommended to make a complete file for presentation and to test a connection between PC and video-projector prior to his/her talk.

*Hotel reservations

According to the application of the registered participants, our travel agent, JTB, is carrying out assignments of hotel rooms for each applicant. The result is being informed via fax one after another.

However, please note that the number of available hotel rooms will be quite tight as a whole around the conference period. The main difficulty arises from the fact that now an international big event, EXPO'05, is being held near by Nagoya, and the hotels do not want to release rooms easily. Every weekend are under a bad condition in particular.

Already some of participants have expressed their worries upon JTB's pre-information. LOC is keeping a close contact with JTB, and they said that they would do their best and never neglect the reservations outside of the conference period. In a case you will have to move hotels, but we believe they can eventually manage the problem.

If you feel any difficulties, please contact us. We will help you as much as possible.

We are looking forward to receiving you in Nagoya.

On behalf of LOC,
Taketomo Mitsui